Concept artwork and final cover illustration for Graeme Reynold’s third book in the High Moor trilogy; High Moor III - Bloodmoon

Artwork concepts and cover for Ken Goldman’s “Of A Feather”

"Whisper - Michael Bray" Book Cover Artwork

First, to business, go here: and buy the book. I’ll wait.

Nice one.

I’ve thought about telling you how much work I’d put into doing this, but even the explanation of it would take too long. Needless to say, I took a long time to finish this cover. The good news is that with every bit of artwork I do I learn a few new tricks and this cover taught me more than I bargained for!

The coloured version was too cheerful wasn’t it? It’s a shame because I’d have liked to have continued fiddling with it until it looked really polished, but it wasn’t to be.

Instead, I’d been looking at those old Victorian creepy sepia photographs (Hey, we all have our hobbies, don’t judge me) and I knew that that sense of aged ominousness was what was needed.

Do you like it? Hate it? Do tell.


"Funhouse"- Michael Bray. Book Cover Project.

I read Michael’s horror anthology and was particularly attracted to the image of the ghost train as described in the story “Such A Quaint Little Ghost Train”. Michael had seen some of my scary clowns and wondered if another one would fit the bill? Of course it would. Who doesn’t love scary clowns? No one, right?

"Phoenix" - Steve Byrne. Book Cover Project.

Steve contacted me about doing the cover for his excellent horror, Phoenix and I had to read the book first (I love horror, so this was obviously an arduous task for me) I loved it! It made doing the cover lots of fun, but heck did I take a long time doing it!

I’ve included all the pencil rough ideas and scribbles so you can appreciate the work that goes into it!


The problem with storyboards (I think) are that they are often done with tight deadlines and in a super-silly rush, so the quality of them is not as good as I like them to be.

Honestly, I’ve got pages and pages of storyboards I’ve done for folk but they’re not all that brilliant, so here’s a few samples.


Mike Lehan

Archived: Book Covers

I started out in the freelance world illustrating book covers and I have still got a soft spot for all the original covers I did so I decided to group them up and post them for posterity’s sake.

Links & Credits:

Thomas Sipos

Ben Pleasants
Craig Sinclair
James Spix

High Moor & High Moore II Book Covers

I dare say I like Werewolves better than Vampires, even though, in the movies, they’re woefully underrepresented, but read Graeme Reynold’s High Moor books and you’ll be an instant fan of the genre.

I’ve utterly LOVED doing the book covers for his first two books (and I’m bloody flattered too!) and I can’t wait for him to get cracking with a third and fourth book for me to read and scribble a cover for (hint hint Graeme!)

Harley Quinn & BatmanWhat a gig this was, loved it! Thanks to Siobhan & Pete (my models)

Harley Quinn & Batman

What a gig this was, loved it! Thanks to Siobhan & Pete (my models)

Proof that I’m not always drawing evil clowns and bleeding skulls. Here are some jobs where I’ve had to keep it classy.

Album Covers/Promo Stuff

Rock & Metal are a speciality! Here are some old ones I’ve done from my archives.


Vantage Point
H Gage
The Black Mollys LogoThis was so much fun to do I actually had to shave flesh off my knees and rub salt in them to compensate. Logo

This was so much fun to do I actually had to shave flesh off my knees and rub salt in them to compensate.



My current planet (Earth?) If so, I think that somewhere a few hundred miles off the North or South pole, you know, just far enough away from the chance of meeting anyone at all. You asked me this question at difficult time.


No self-respecting weirdo artist doesn’t love zombies, myself included, and so, at any opportunity, I will gladly take a zombie illustration job over a proper well-paid normal (whatever that is?) job.

Here’s a few of my friends who’ve “Had the treatment”.

Thanks to, Sarah, Ray, Aaron, Scotty, Adam and Stock Photography Angry Guy.

I’m very reasonably priced, I accept paypal, money, bitcoins, vodka and sexy favours, would you like one doing?

Clone Of Yolk

So, I’m a doodler, no one ever sees them, they’re very weird. I was once doodling in Corel Painter while listening to the orchestral soundtrack from the film Alien (I may also have been drinking vodka) and my weird, random doodle began to take a form of its own (I must have channelled H.R.Giger somewhere along the line you think?). Anyway, I saved the file and couldn’t think of a filename other than “Yolk”. In Corel Painter you can create a duplicate image with which you can use as a source to paint back ‘repairs’ of a previously saved image and the software automatically names the file “Clone_of_”. When I saw the filename “Clone Of Yolk” I knew I’d be sticking with this.

This explanation does nothing to explain what the hell Clone Of Yolk actually is. I still don’t know, don’t ask me.

Cousin Of Yolk

You often get bored waiting for porn videos to load don’t you? Me too, so, like I said before, I’m a doodler, and I sometimes like to doodle any old shite while I’m otherwise unoccupied. This sketch looked related to Yolk’s clone in an inbred-cousin kind of way and so that’s how he got his name. I like him and I plan to colour him soon. Watch this space.